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Build the Ultimate Deck

Our OTS store contains all the latest Pokemon, Yugioh! and MTG card packs and boosters to help you get the most out of your game, including pre-releases and special tournament packs.

We have a selection of single cards to give players a chance to seek out that perfect card and dedicated nights each week for practice play and social meet-ups.

Come and test your deck against other players, discuss tactics and strategies, trade and swap spare cards and see who can build the ultimate deck.

Practice Nights


Wednesday 6pm-8pm: Juniors Practice & Learn – Guided sessions for younger players to learn and practice together. These are guided sessions run by an experienced Yugioh Player.

Thursday 6pm – 10pm: Casual tournament and practice play. Test your deck and skills against other players, to see who can claim the win.

Sunday Afternoons – Practice play and Tournament play.

Magic: The Gathering

Sunday Afternoons – Practice play and Tournament play.


Can you catch them all? Well our shop is full of pokemon goodies, and with three stops in close proximity its a great place to come and relax with a drink whilst catching all you can.

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