Meet. Play. Compete.

Join the Island’s fastest growing gaming community.

New for 2023!!

Coffee Shop and OTS Store

Welcome to the Jersey Gaming Hub & Coffee Shop

We are a dedicated centre for all things gaming.

Love your computer games? Then join us in our dedicated gaming arena upstairs, with over 20 of the latest high specification gaming PC’s

Prefer playing on a console with a friend?, we have multiple consoles from Xbox, Sony & Nintendo all matched up with fast responsive screens for the ultimate gaming experience.

Want to go retro, then we’ve got the Arcade simulators to feed your passion including access to over 3,500 games.

The Jersey Gaming Hub is your golden ticket into the virtual & gaming world, with our VR headsets.

Want to play Among Us in a room full of friends? Prove you’re the best shot, or want to test your skills in Super Smash Bros Ultimate but don’t own a Switch? Want to join in the chaos on our dedicated Hub Minecraft Server?

Fancy immersing yourself into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, then check out our dedicated dungeon, and embark on a campaign with our Dungeon Masters.

Check out our Trading Card Store, with all the latest decks, boosters and collectibles.

Come to the gaming hub to:


Meet like minded people


Play together


Compete against your friends


Since the increase in viewership with live streaming, Esports has grown to a significant factor in the video game industry, with many game developers actively designing and providing funding for tournaments and other events.