Meet like minded people

Whilst many gamers enjoy playing their favourite games, they often miss out on the social aspects of gaming together. The Jersey Gaming Hub is the perfect place to drop in and meet like minded people, of all ages and experience, who share the same passion for gaming. 

For parents, the Jersey Gaming Hub offers this experience to younger players, in a dedicated gaming centre, fully supervised and supported by our staff, for parental peace of mind. Games in the gaming centre are capped at age 12, with older games available in our gaming arena for older and more advanced players.


Every month we are offering a selection of workshops to interest budding gamers, games designers and game creators, from making your own Minecraft character skin, or learning the basics of programming, through to building your own Roblox game, these teacher lead classes are aimed at the younger audience to enthuse them with an ongoing passion for gaming.

Community Meetups

Building a community is at the core of our aims, nothing makes us happier than bringing people together to play their favourite game and to support those communities. Whether you are a beginner or a pro-player, we host a selection of game specific community nights on a fortnightly basis. Whether its having the chance to play with your team, or test your skills against another, we will be there to support your community, hosting regular nights, tournaments and team building sessions.